This is the Christian magazine called Faith on Every Corner. My article called The Lord’s Deliverance From Earthly Woe’s is on page 52. Hope you read and are blessed?

My new book is out called My Author Journey. It has info about publishing, marketing etc. That will help you understand what being an author is about and involves. Hope you read and review it. If you’re thinking about becoming an author. Or are a new author this book may help. It’s on Kindle unlimited and kindle books on Amazon. God bless.

This is Faith on Every Corner Magazine. My April article is on pages 52-53. It’s called Spring God’s Precious Gift. Hope you read and are blessed.

My article for March is in Faith on Every Corner magazine. It’s about our world now/ the world to come. Hope you read and are blessed. https://issuu. com/craigruhl/docs/faith_on_every_corner_-_march_2023/52